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Ticking the Government Grant Box

Ticking the Government Grant Box The fact that Australia is truly a lucky country is evidenced by the vast amount of government grants available at any one time. In addition to ‘free’ money type grants, the government at various levels offers low interest loans, mentor programs, matched funding programs, etc. However in my travels, the[...]
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A Grant Strategy Rate of Return

A Grant Strategy Rate of Return There is some serious government grant money available. What stops people chasing this ‘free’ government grant money is enduring endless web links to find relevant grants, finding the time to determine if one meets qualifying criteria, finding time to write the application and manage the staged deadlines. This provides[...]
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Government Grant Writing Secrets

Grant Writing Secrets Staring at a blank government grant application can seem harrowing. Often finding the application itself on the government web sites is half the battle. Here are some guidelines in approaching a government grant submission. a)Research is Key: Download and read everything to do with the grant. Downloads may include FAQ, factsheets, guidelines,[...]
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