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Do I Need an AFSL?

Do I Need an AFSL? Demystifying the AFSL Process Nothing conjures up a sense of mystery and bewilderment like the AFS Licence – in terms of when one is needed and if needed, how one is obtained. Admittedly this topic does lend itself to one of the more complex areas of corporation law and has[...]
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A Grant Strategy Rate of Return

A Grant Strategy Rate of Return There is some serious government grant money available. What stops people chasing this ‘free’ government grant money is enduring endless web links to find relevant grants, finding the time to determine if one meets qualifying criteria, finding time to write the application and manage the staged deadlines. This provides[...]
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The Annual Report is a Marketing Free Kick

Annual Report is a Marketing Free Kick Some do this exceptionally – some hopelessly. That is, use their annual report as a superior marketing tool. Imagine giving stakeholders a strong ‘pulse of positivity’ once a year. Smaller organisations are amongst those that generally miss this opportunity. The mentality goes something like ‘we know all our[...]
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Government Grant Writing Secrets

Grant Writing Secrets Staring at a blank government grant application can seem harrowing. Often finding the application itself on the government web sites is half the battle. Here are some guidelines in approaching a government grant submission. a)Research is Key: Download and read everything to do with the grant. Downloads may include FAQ, factsheets, guidelines,[...]
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Finding Investors is no Numbers Game

Finding Investors is no Numbers Game I received an email the other day about another investor matching service that has launched in Australia. Don’t get me wrong – I appreciate such services and they certainly have their place in assisting business owners match up with investors particularly in the SME space. Some actually advertise the[...]
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