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Complex Corporate Structures and Investor Offers

Complex Corporate Structures and Investor Offers The first questions I ask anyone enquiring about investment document services is, ‘what is the corporate structure?’ This is closely followed by, ‘what is the offer to investors?’ That is, the corporate structure may range from a simple company entity to one that involves a multitude of entities bounded[...]
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What I Learned from Biofiba Limited

What I Learned  from Biofiba Limited This blog is part of my “What I learned from” series where I offer insights I picked up through working with a particular client for the purpose of helping to start or grow their business. I’ve had the pleasure of working with a company called Biofiba Limited for the[...]
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Business Writers Wanted

Are you looking to work in the leading edge of business writing? Then we’d like to hear from you. Welcome to The Financial Writing Company, or as we’re known to our friends, “The fin writing co.”   We are specialists in writing and producing the more technical business, financial & investor related documentation. The work is[...]
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What Investors Want

What Investors Want So much is made about what investors want that it’s easy to lose site that investors are just people who are looking for a great deal. The strongest matters in my opinion are ones where the proponents offer the least information themselves and rely as much as possible on third party supporting[...]
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KIVA. ORG The $25 difference

Can you start a business with $25?  Probably not…  but you can help someone do just that Working in the capital markets on matters that typically need $100,000s or even $m’s to get off the ground is pretty normal.
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