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The key purpose of a business plan is to outline the reason you are in business, what you want to achieve, how you intend to achieve it, substantiate your choices, understand your risks and qualify your costs. The importance of a business plan is magnified if you are using it to seek funding from banks or investors.

If your business plan project is part of a wider capital raising project, we would be delighted to provide a turn key solution. Please visit our information memorandum services.

Entrepreneurs often lead with two P’s – Passion and a Product or product/service idea. Although commendable and a prerequisite to any business, the gap will are required to fill in 99% of projects is the pathway to commercialisation. The more comprehensive and substantiated this pathway is, the more integrity the business plan will have. Clients often know where they want to end up but the pathway is often blurry. We will bring that into focus.

We wrote our  first business plan in 2000 and have written business plans for all industries and for all sizes of organisations in Australia. Our business plans have served many purposes including general business planning and supporting information memorandums that seek to raise $M’s in Australia and overseas. By 2020, we still love what we do and are going strong having amassed decades worth of best practice knowledge that we’re ready to share with you.

Business planning services are quoted as fixed fee services. We are able to provide a formal proposal post scoping the project.

We speak to many entrepreneurs and the prerequisite quality we seek in clients is the art of being a good listeners. Our clients are subject matter experts in their choice of endeavour as we are in ours. Optimum projects are ones where all parties are able to bring their skills to the table.

We share our current thoughts on investor funding in our [Yellow Chair Blog].

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