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Theo Afkoudias is the Principal of The Financial Writers Company.

Qualifications: B Ec. (Accounting), M. Bus (Marketing), Cert IV TAE (Trainer)

Theo is an industry recognised leader in the preparation of business & investor documentation. He has written numerous articles, contributed to editorial in BRW Magazine and Australian Anthill Magazine and has been an industry expert guest on Sky Business Channel [see media].

Theo’s broad commercial experience spans 25 years and encompasses accounting, sales & marketing, business planning, investor documentation and a host of other technical business writing. As such, Theo relates to clients on many levels and offers a unique, multi dimensional perspective to any project.

“I’m truly fortunate to be doing what I love to do every day and the rest takes care of itself.”
Theo Afkoudias

From the Horse’s Mouth


Why did you start the Fin Writers Co?

I’ve always been highly creative and I wanted to merge creativity with my passion for business and my love of communicating with words. I describe this space as a ‘technical business writing.’ Add a client’s love for what they do and the scene is set for a highly satisfying and successful project.


What is the core offering at the Fin Writing Co?

Irrespective of the deliverable, our job is to assess a client’s information, improve it where required and determine how to present it in the strongest possible light given the audience, or stakeholders’, requirements. Clients really pay us for the judgement we overlay every step of the way. This judgement is based on best practice knowledge that we’ve built over two plus decades of experience.

We aim to produce deliverables that are exciting, engaging and hit the mark precisely. We do this whilst remaining true to our approach which is to encourage transparency — this in fact is what ‘the strongest possible light’ means to me. Bit of a mouthful but it captures ‘our core offering.’


Why would a client choose you?

Despite doing this for many years, every new client still excites me as each brings a set of unique challenges — a new code to crack, which I embrace wholeheartedly. Yes, the deliverable will be outstanding but in working with me, a client gets a fully engaged, genuinely interested individual who understands that the job is not done until the client is 100% satisfied.


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