‘Just in Time’ is the new ‘On Time.’

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‘Just in Time’ is the new ‘On Time.’

‘Just in time’ is the new on time.

Often projects I work on require multiple technical talents to bring them to fruition.

Any project may involve lawyers, accountants, financial modellers, auditors, valuers, a humble writer, etc.

If you’ve tried to find and engage one reliable service provider, spare a thought for a client trying to coordinate a team of them – all of whom are typically non related, have their own capacity issues and need to be available to contribute their expertise ‘just in time.’

Welcome to the world of large transaction projects – mergers, acquisitions, buyouts, capital raising, etc.

As I witness the client struggling to coordinate ‘us all’ I’ve often thought, ‘someone should do something’ about this.

A company called Vumero www.vumero.com has taken on this exact challenge. A sneak peak at proponent, Johann Odou’s Linked In profile showcases a wealth of large transactional and finance industry experience. He’s well placed to lead the charge in rounding up the rare financial technical experts Australia has to offer.

What would I call Vumero? This is new territory – so it’s not quite a recruiter and not quite an agency. It’s a well needed hybrid or sorts – with a new term to define them evolving soon I’m sure. 

The last time I heard the catch phrase ‘just in time’ I was in a management accounting lecture many moons ago and we were discussing manufacturing. I always pride myself on being on time but now I look forward to the challenge of lifting my own game and being just in time.

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