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My Accidental Top Google Ranking

I accidently came across the strength of original online content myself and now want to share it with my clients.

I like to write but tend to keep my web pages brief and share ongoing thoughts and experiences through my blogs.

One of my deliverables is the preparation of what is called an AFSL Licence; a license required to offer financial services.

I wrote and posted a blog called “Do I Need an AFSL” as often that’s the first question someone asks me and I thought I’d kill a few birds and offer this information to all.

About a month later, my inquires for what is generally a niche obscure service started  to peak and I thought it was just ‘one of those things.’

Like all business owners, I often ponder how one cracks the ‘Top of Page 1 Google ranking code.’ I’ve researched it to a degree and found there are more opinions than facts. Meanwhile like all, I get the offers for SEO services bombarding my inbox – which mainly confuse. You see I know the folks at Google are smarter than all of us put together and any top Google ranking by way of a short term tweaking of one’s web site will eventually be defused by a simple change in Google’s algorithms.

In all my research one fact stands out from all opinions – GOOGLE LOVES ORIGINAL CONTENT. This makes perfect sense as the whole premise of a search engine is to offer quality content to those searching on particular topics. They don’t want tweaked, copied, scammed, bulk manufactured, software produced, low value, repeated content.

The catch is that writing original content takes time and therein lies the point of contention for most. Time is the one thing most simply don’t have.

Back to my AFSL story. Like most business owners I was reviewing my services and went to Google to see ‘what others are doing’ in this space. I entered ‘I Need an AFSL’ into Google and there I was on as a generic listing on page 1 on Google. I clicked enter a few times and my position moved around a bit but remained on page 1. I tried “Need an AFSL” and again, my site was there on page 1.

I concede that a service that helps folks with AFSLs is very niche and the more competitive a service or product, the more competitive the Google first page positions are and the more quality original content is required.

That is how the Original Online Content service was hatched and now I’m in business to help others establish themselves as subject matter experts and improve their Google ranking through what my team and I have always done best – write original content with passion and excitement … we’re just calling it original ‘online’ content now.

For assistance please contact The Financial Writing Company 1300 477210.