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KIVA. ORG The $25 difference

  • By: Theo Afkoudias
  • Date: Aug 03, 2012
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Can you start a business with $25?  Probably not…  but you can help someone do just that

Working in the capital markets on matters that typically need $100,000s or even $m’s to get off the ground is pretty normal.

Coming across gave me a whole new perspective. is a micro lending organisation where people from underdeveloped countries access funds to start or expand their business. One may lend in lots of $25 to those who are typically seeking a few $100 to establish their businesses. I have been lending to KIVA customers for several years now and am still pleasantly surprised when I get an email saying ‘funds are available for lending again’ as people for the most part pay 100% of money back. Surprised, mainly because I think of what our banks put us through to borrow money and take out mortgages! These people pay it back because its the right thing to do.

Note there are usually 100s of people on Kiva looking for micro loans. I visited the site in late Jan 11 and there were only 5. What happened? Kiva was mentioned on the Oprah Whinfrey show so I gather her millions of viewers joined  and funded the millions of outstanding loan requests – don’t let this stop you from joining in!

Can you restore someone’s eye sight for $25? Probably not… but you can help someone do just that.

Amazing to think that $25 can restore a person’s sight and by doing so restore their life’s potential. This is what the Fred Hollows foundation does.

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