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Ticking the Government Grant Box

Ticking the Government Grant Box

The fact that Australia is truly a lucky country is evidenced by the vast amount of government grants available at any one time. In addition to ‘free’ money type grants, the government at various levels offers low interest loans, mentor programs, matched funding programs, etc.

However in my travels, the number of clients accessing such government benefits are few and far between. Having said that, some do it very effectively – accessing funds for both their projects and to even pay for my fees.

This poses the questions  – why? The answer becomes obviously simply when one starts the journey of looking for government grants. Information overload and web links that lead to web links on government sites is the order of the day.

Add to this, a changing political landscape, and the scene is set for much confusion.

The exercise, after a while becomes one of weighing the risk of endless hours if not days spent trying to identify a suitable grant, against the return the grant offers should one successfully qualify.

I couldn’t let this go and really wanted all my clients to be able to painlessly do a quick search for any grants that they may qualify for. So, I hit the web to see who can help here.

There are some wonderful Australian services operating in this exact space.

The Business Aid Centre – trading as www.GovernmentGrantsAustralia.org stood out as offering a well segmented suite of grants based on sector; Renewable Energy Funding, Innovation and Research Grants, Small Business Grants for Manufacturing and much more. Some grants are even based on gender – did you know there are grants just for women? Somehow doesn’t seem fair!

In addition to being fond of a domain name that explains what the business does, this operation stood out as one fits the bill in terms of DIY grant search given their sub $500 price point which affords customers unlimited grant search for 12 months.

This tips the risk and reward analysis in favour of every Australian business searching for government grants and other assistance options – particularly those run by women!

For assistance please contact The Financial Writing Company 1300 477210.