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A Grant Strategy Rate of Return

A Grant Strategy Rate of Return

There is some serious government grant money available. What stops people chasing this ‘free’ government grant money is enduring endless web links to find relevant grants, finding the time to determine if one meets qualifying criteria, finding time to write the application and manage the staged deadlines. This provides a perfect recipe for an outsourced grant strategy. Take a rate of return approach to the investment in a grant strategy and in most cases, the investment is highly positive.

Grant Strategy Case Study: Objectify is a national software development company, based in Bendigo. Objectify services include custom software development, online forms, content consulting and design, site builds, deployment and training services. In particular, Objectify specialises in KMS and CMS development and tailored solutions. They also provide smart phone and tablet development services.

 “After we received our grant strategy, we have been systematically working our way through the list. Over the last 6 years, we have accessed over 5 programs worth $2 million. Our grants have helped with market research, find-tuning our product, contract development, strategic business planning and intellectual property research. Since receiving the grant, our staff numbers have grown from 7 to 17 and our revenue has increased by 35%.” Craig Hunter, Objectify.

www.GrantReady.com.au is a grant strategy provider: This service helps clients map relevant programs, build a grant calendar and create a systematic approach along with expert analysis to assess and determine their likely success. GrantReady 03 9853 9853.

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