The Annual Report is a Marketing Free Kick

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The Annual Report is a Marketing Free Kick

Annual Report is a Marketing Free Kick

Some do this exceptionally – some hopelessly. That is, use their annual report as a superior marketing tool.

Imagine giving stakeholders a strong ‘pulse of positivity’ once a year.

Smaller organisations are amongst those that generally miss this opportunity. The mentality goes something like ‘we know all our shareholders and they know what’s going on.’ However, this brilliant marketing tool need not be limited to shareholders.

For any business, stakeholders extend to include suppliers, customers, employees, prospective employees and lenders. These are all parties that ought know about any milestones reached and those planned for the next few years.

Agreed, distribution of financial results needs to be carefully managed but some broad graphs showing positive trends can do much good in the mind of any stakeholder. A business would do well to forward stakeholders a concise extract from the annual report.

Information may include a managing directors letter thanking stakeholders, key business milestones reached – some of which may warrant stakeholder mentioning, commentary on market trends being experienced in the  industry and broad future strategic plans. This will serve to reinforce one’s expertise in the mind of the stakeholder and demonstrate a degree of transparency which is always appreciated.

The Financial Writing Company believes producing an annual report is one of the simplest forms of marketing mainly due to the fact that most information is at hand within the organisation – typically in the heads of proponents, or within the computer files of staff. It only need be compiled.

The annual report document may range from a smartly formatted Microsoft Word document to a branded graphically presented piece of art. Either way, it will raise a positive eyebrow of suppliers, customers, employees, lenders and future version of all these people.

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